First and foremost, we are about fun. Enjoy your day, don't stress! Who wants to have to work on poses and fake smiles, on the biggest day of your life!

We are creative right to the heart of what we do. Sure we have drones, gimbals, countless lenses and state of the art cameras... but these are nothing without good old down to earth creativity. As we say..."If it looks cool, do it!"

Each wedding is unique. We want you to enjoy it as much as possible without getting in the way of things. You be you. Many brides often comment on how they forgot we were there. It's this unobtrusive style that allows us to capture such precious and candid moments, for future generations to see.

Our Style

Naturally we lean toward the cinematic videos that you see across our site and Facebook page.

We approach our photography with a modern edge. Clean and sharp, yet playful and creative.

But as artists we never want to limit ourselves to a particular style or genre. We are open to old/new ideas, as crazy as they may be. Let us know if you have something in mind and we may just be able to capture it just as you imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I have to book both Videography/Photography?

Not at all. There are seperate packages to choose from, but it saves you money and works out well with our team if you do.

+ How many photos will I receive?

Depending on the package and length of your wedding, anywhere between 600 - 1200 photos. For a full day you would be looking at around 1000+ photos.

+ How long will my videos be?

Again depending on the package and the length of your wedding, the ceremony can be 20 - 35 minutes, the reception video between 40 minutes - 2 hours, and the highlights video between 5 - 8 minutes.

+ Why do you cost so much?

It all depends on your perception of value. We believe in our work, and believe we offer great value for what we do. We put 100% into every single wedding, no matter the package or place. So if you value our work in the same way we do, you may find it is worth every dollar.

+ Is there a difference between video and cinema?

In many cases, no. Both capture images onto a sensor, to be stored as ones and zeros. It is simply the path taken to get to that end result. Both begin with a camera, and end with a video, but the process in between is what can dramatically affect the outcome.

Video is more about the beginning process of capturing (in some cases) anything and everything. It's often about capturing what's happening then and there, and can lack mood and emotion. Cinema is embracing every part of the process, even meticulously planning weeks in advance. It uses techniques to tell a story. Lighting, composition, movement, and a finely crafted edit. This is not to bring down videography, they both have a place. It simply boils down to taste.

+ What do I get?

Each cinema package receives a long-form documentary style video, so that nothing is left out. It's a multicam edit as it happened, but utilizing cinematic techniques to engage the viewer for the entire length of the ceremony or reception. From that, we pick the best moments, angles and shots to craft a story which then becomes the highlight video. This is what you see across our website and facebook.

All photography packages are carefully edited and uploaded to a digital gallery. This can be private or public, and can hold your pictures for as long as your wish. The photos in the gallery are full high resolution photos, with the option of downloading smaller sizes for social media or email.

+ How long will a photoshoot take?

It depends on how long you allow. We like to work around you. If you want to relax with family, then do that! But keep in mind the less time you allow for a photoshoot, the less variety you will have. It's important to make the most of your day, both with the photoshoot and with the family, so find a plan that works for you and we will work around it. Generally a photoshoot may be between 2 - 3 hours.

+ What happens in bad weather?

It is what it is! Make the most of it. Unfortunately there's no magic switch or trick to changing the weather, the real trick is to stay positive and focus on the things that matter... you two! We have captured in ALL kinds of weather. Yes it presents challenges but with it comes rewards. We have captured some of our most amazing images in the wind and rain. Thankfully creativity isn't affected by weather!

+ Why don't you work by hours?

We feel it places unnecessary pressure on the couple. Yes it means we can be there for loooong 12 hour days with very little food and tired legs, but hey, all the better for you right?! And if at the end of the night, we manage to snap a beautiful beautiful shot that we would have otherwise missed, it makes it all worth it.

+ Can I choose the music?

Music is an important part of the cinematic process that we hold dear to us. It can completely change the mood of a video. So while we respect that you may have great taste in music, we ask that you allow us to take care of that part of the equation.

+ Is my footage/photos safe?

Once the wedding is wrapped up we transfer the raw footage or photos to a hard drive operating in a raid array. This means that in the event of hard drive failure, there is an identical copy still operational. As well as that we keep a second backup on an external hard drive here with us and another backup to an external drive kept off site.

+ Can you pencil us in?

Unfortunately we can't pencil anybody in. It just wouldn't be fair to other couples!

+ Do you need to be fed?

We like to be fed :) even cold pizza and burnt samosas will be fine! Just imagine being on your feet from morning til evening without a break, constantly searching for the perfect shot. It's very draining both physically and mentally. But don't worry if you forget, and nice cool glass of water can sometimes be a great substitute.

+ Do you travel?

Of course, we have done weddings in Fiji, Cook Islands, from very very bottom of the South Island to Nelson and pretty much everywhere in between. Just let us know where and we will try and work something out.

+ Can I make changes to my video?

Of course you can, we don't want to limit you in any way. But please consider the time we have already spent carefully putting the video together. Keep in mind a highlights video is a highlights video. Adding a 3 minute speech scattered with ums and ahs to a 7 minute video is not impossible, but there was probably a reason why we didn't do it in the first place.

+ Can I have the Raw images/footage?

RAW photos, unfortunately no. Raw footage, yes, but for a small fee. Like many photographers, the value of our craft comes from the both the capture, and the edit. To receive only half of that is like buying uncooked fish and chips... Its still fish and chips, but are you going to cook it better than the person who does it week in week out? When it comes to raw footage, it is a similar issue, though there are understable reason why you may want the raw footage, for this we can discuss :)